Levinas Philosophy Summer Seminar (4)

Friday, July 12th

Richard A. Cohen „Language, Saying, Said, Patience, Diachrony”

Discussions after „Language, Saying, Said, Patience, Diachrony”

Abey Koshy “The Said and Saying” (OBBE 4-6)

Irina Poleshchuk “Saying as Exposure to Another” (OBBE 48-51)

Xin Mao “From Saying to the Said, or the Wisdom of Desire” (OBBE 153-161)

Levinas Philosophy Summer Seminar:

Monday, July 8th
Tuesday, July 9th
Wednesday, July 10th, „Levinas and aestetics”
Thursday, July 11th
Thursday, July 11th, „JOYFUL ETHICS”
Friday, July 12th

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